Thursday, 29 November 2012

Primark Spree


I bought this blazer this week from the Leeds City Centre Primark. Studs are in at the moment as well as leather jackets and blazers. I love how they have made this with all three in one! Admittedly when I seen the price tag I was iffy about whether I should get it or not as it seemed quite expensive for Primark being £22. Then taking into consideration that a jacket like this in any other high street retailer would be much more expensive. It can be worn with a skater dress, jeans or leggings to dress your outfit up a little.

These bags were bought from Meadow Hall in Sheffield, they were both £3 each, such a bargain! They were reduced at the time I bought them but unfortunately they weren't in the Leeds stores. Great accessory for a night out can both be used as a clutch or as a over the shoulder bag. Leopard print has made a come back and is quite popular at the moment as well as burgundy, great autumn/winter colours! 

I love love love this necklace it was only £4. You can wear this with a plain dress or peplum top and it instantly makes your outfit look more expensive. Collar necklaces are in at the moment and I think I might mix this up with a buttoned up shirt as well with some jeans so its wearable for both day and night!

Bargain Makeup

So this week iv discovered Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection Concealer, I'v used it a couple of times since iv had it and I would definitely recommend it, hides those tired eyes after a night out and is good at covering blemishes, I bought this for just £4.19 and its triple points in Boots at the moment so your still saving if you have an advantage card!

The second thing I bought is 'high lights technic' great for defining cheek bones and adding a nice shine just underneath your eyebrows to make them more defined. It is a cheaper version of Benefit high beam' but after using both of the products I really do not see much difference apart from the price tag! High lights technic cost me just £2 on Amazon whereas High Beam from Benefit is around £19!

 They are bargains that can't be missed!

A Little About Me...

Hello, I'm Casey Leigh a Media Graduate from Leeds Trinity University.

 I discovered blogging at uni and loved the blogosphere whether it be fashion, beauty or travel. I have a love for photography so you will regularly see photo diaries on my blog and that can vary from my travels to clothes to food. Pretty much everything I love...

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it!

Casey x