Sunday, 22 December 2013

T'is the season to be jolly...

Christmas is nearly here and I must say that I'm feeling rather festive this year more so than last. As you get older I feel that the excitement slightly fades but this year I'm feeling much more excited and Christmasey! 

Many people see Christmas as the party season where everyone has some kind of staple sparkly piece to get into the festive spirit. I found mine in River Island and adore it! 

The midi skirt was only £20 reduced from £40, ultimate bargain! The lighting here doesn't do it any justice as it doesn't show off the pastel coloured sequences, there are blues and pinks which is what I loved about it. The necklace was also reduced to £10 from River Island something which I've also work with more casual outfits during the day. The top was also from River Island for £36, must admit this was a little pricey for my liking but it has nice mesh detailing at the sides and can be worn with loads of clothes I already have. 

The shoes are from New Look for £20 and I must say I wasn't too sure on them but I've seen loads of pointed heels on the high street and thought I would try them for myself. I'm 100% happy that I did, they're one of the comfiest pair of heels I own! The clutch is very old from Primark and was £5! 

I wore this outfit for my works Christmas party at the Hilton and I loved it! So comfy yet dressy! River Island has some amazing clothes in for winter and the party season so if you are stuck for ideas over Christmas I'd look in there! 

Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Those cosy days...

The winter months are here and I really love to wrap up. However myself and winter have a love hate relationship. Basically I love winter but my immune system is terrible! I have been quite ill lately but I literally have my own pharmacy on the go! 

Throughout the colder months I like layering up (no idea how I always manage to get a cold for weeks on end) I'm back at uni now so outfit planning the night before is a must or else I would be late for uni almost everyday!(Oops) I don't really 'dress up' for uni I tend to tone it down and be quite casual, mainly because I'm not really a morning person so anything warm and cosy goes, plus I'm off to sit in a lecture theater for hours on end. (How exciting!) 

Here's a couple snaps from the past couple of weeks...

Hat - River Island (old) 
Jumper £8  Scarf £2.50  Necklace£3 - Primark
Jeans £36 Boots £45 - Topshop
Bag £10 - Republic 

Top £12 - H&M
Skirt £20 - Newlook 
Belt £3 - Primark 
 (Worn with my leather jacket, ankle boots and tights)

So all of this outfit apart from the jeans is from last year but I love recycling things and there are some similar things on the high street at the moment to create a similar look. 

Jeans £36 - Topshop
Coat £70 - River Island 
Faux Fur Scarf £2 - Charity Shop
Jumper £8 - Primark 
Boots £120 - Clarks 

I hope you found this post useful if you are looking for some autumn/winter outfit inspiration!
Shopping in Meadowhall tomorrow so expect a haul post soon! 
(eekk sooo excited!)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Clarks Style

So I don't know if any of you remember but I've mentioned before on my blog that I work at Clarks. Over the last couple of weeks we've been able to wear our own clothes as well as showcasing the new autumn/winter range. It's been nice to see everyone expressing their individuality!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post some photos with the hashtag 'clarksstyle'. This is something that Clarks employees up and down the UK have been participating in. If you are an avid Instagrammer like myself, then you will know that you can hashtag to discover ideas for anything you want, literally anything! I thought the 'clarksstyle' hashtag was really useful and it was nice to see how others are styling the new range. 

Here's a couple snaps from last week...

I've also posted about my shoes before, you can see the post by clicking here. Vintage/Victorian style seems to be in at the moment so I opted for a simple classic brogue and a done up collar with a jumper, who doesn't love a good collar these days? 

Primark Jumper- £8 & Spotty Shirt £5

This outfit is by far one of my faves. So so comfortable (I know its not always about comfort but its always a bonus!) Over summer I was loving the 'hippy' look, the garland flower headbands and the tassels. I spotted this kimono in Ark on the 'last chance' rail, it was the only one and in my size. It was meant to be, honest. 

Ark Kimono -£25
Primark Necklace- £4 & Vest Top- £5

(Photography courtesy of Lauren Curtis)  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tartan Takeover

Tartan (also known as Plaid) seems to be everywhere at the moment and in all honesty I am loving it. Admittedly gone a little crazy with it...

I've seen Tartan styled with loads of different statement pieces and outfits. High end fashion magazines and designers including Vogue and Marc Jacobs (one of my favourites) have featured the trend. (I must be on the right lines if its featured in Vogue, right?) Although red is a very vibrant colour making you stand out, if you love the pattern then just go for it. I'm usually a very monochrome person but I am loving tartan at the moment and I'm pretty sure anyone can pull it off!

Tartan has always been a wintry look and the high street has something to offer to everyone, whether its a casual or smart look you are aiming for. There will be something there for you to hop onto the bandwagon!

This is my fave dress at the moment and its always a perk when you get 20% student discount! Its from Internacionale and I must admit they have become quite a popular shop of mine lately! For some reason I can't link the dress online but keep your eye out in a local store I think the dress was £20, bargain! 

I teamed the dress up with Topshop Monti boots, and my H&M bag (this also isn't online but check in store) I thought the dress was quite a statement piece so the accessories needed to be quite toned down, I think anything too bright would clash so I added a gold statement necklace, watch and midi rings.

I also bought this shirt from Newlook a while back which was also £20! I paired this with Topshop Joni jeans, Clarks ankle boots and a triple statement necklace. Another one of my fave outfits, so comfortable and can be much worn casual with a pair of converse. The shirt can be worn with almost everything so I'd consider it an 'investment'.

I've also seen Tartan print come in blue and grey! Definitely another purchase happening soon...

I can see Tartan being a very popular trend this season and I am almost certain that I will end up buying more. Possibly a coat or scarf?
Decisions decisions...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Outfit's for Autumn/ Fall

As the weather is getting colder its time to pull out those jumpers from your wardrobe! I love summer but I think I love way winter more. Snug nights in with a cuppa, fluffy socks and a woolly jumper, seriously can't think of anything better! 

The weather in England at the moment is really hit and miss some days its sunny and a tad warm and others its chucking it down and freezing cold! So its hard to outfit plan but adding tights to an outfit is always a good back up. 

I love layering up in Autumn and Winter so jumpers are always top of my list when it comes to outfit planning. At the moment I'm really into the monochrome look and I've noticed that everything I buy is black, white or grey. I feel like I should be adding a pop of colour but I think that brights were in during the summer so I'm just leaving the pop of colour down to my nails and accessories! 

Here's and outfit that I wore for my brothers birthday :)

(He turned 5 last week I honestly can't believe it) 

I love this jumper and I recently bought it in all black too, for just £6 at Primark I honestly can't complain! They're so light weight and easy just to throw on with jeans and leggings. I love the leather arms and the leather pocket. It reminded me of the American T shirts but with a twist. The leather panel leggings are from George at Asda I bought them last year for just £12 after seeing them in Topshop for double that price. I'm always after a bargain! The Boots are originally from Topshop but I got them for a car boot sale and the frilly socks are £1.50 from Primark. I also wore my leather jacket and grey scarf with this outfit. 

I loved wearing this outfit it was so so comfy and a tad more dressing than just plain leggings a T and converse (something that I'd usually wear if I'm just lounging round the house). 

Thought I would do a post similar to my last one and do a 'face of the day' picture. 
So I've heard a lot about Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in the blogging world and YouTube. So I thought I'd give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

 I'm honestly not surprised that everyone was raving about it because I love it too! I bought it from Boots about 3 months ago when it was on promotion for £5. This was before I went on holiday and after my skin was clear and I only needed a bit of concealer. The tan has finally faded and I thought it was time to give myself a little glow. It has amazing coverage but feels really light on the skin and isn't too heavy at all, which is something I always look for in foundations.

Eyes- Collection Felt Pen, Black
Loreal Paris Telescopic Mascara
Lips- MUA Matte Nude
Brows- w7 Brow Bar shade 2&3

Hope your all loving the colder months as much as I am! 

Monday, 9 September 2013

I've got that summer time summer time sadness.

So it's getting to that time of year where you're sat wondering where the summer has even gone. I'd say we've had quite a fortunate summer as we've actually had some really hot days, others not so much...

It's September already, really though? I can't quite believe that I'm already starting my 2nd year of uni, crazzzzyy! Good luck to all those starting uni I can guarantee you will love it just make the  most of it!

Surprisingly in England we do occasionally get some warmer weather in September so here's a couple snaps from the other day! I had a lovely time with my best friend and her son who I am so proud to have as my godson! We went for some lunch and shopping and of course the park for the little one!

I bought this dress in that mood where you just want to 'treat' yourself. I was a little skeptical as I'm aware the months are getting colder but I thought it was adaptable to all seasons as I can wear some thick tights and a woolly cardie with it. I bought it from Primark for just £8 amazing value for money. It's literally so simple just to throw on and out the door in 5 minutes, I'm going to need a couple of outfits like this for my early starts at uni! *yawn*

The boots are from Topshop I have since discovered from my previous post. I got them for £5 from a car boot sale. The frilly socks were £1.50 from Primark. The boots are so so comfortable I can see these being an autumn fave. 

My bag is from Republic and I got it in there 'closing down sale' although I still see that the shops are open on the high street? Strange. I've noticed that tassels are quite popular on bags at the moment so I was so happy when I spotted this for just £5! I have used it all summer and it is really good quality for the price I paid! And of course a timeless classic, my baby Raybans!

I thought I would share my 'face of the day' picture too as I wore red lipstick out during the day for the first time, quite a change for me! 

I use Samantha Chapman Real Technique brushes to apply all my make up, if you want them cheap click here.

Brows- w7 Brow Bar Kit shade 2&3
Face- Wake Me Up Foundation in Beige 
Collection 2000 Concealer Lasting Perfection in Medium
MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow 
MUA Blusher in Cupcake 
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Transparent 
Eyes- Collection 2000 Felt Pen in Black 
MUA Undress Me Too Palette
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Lips- MAC Lady Danger 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Your Trash is Someone Else's Treasure

If you are wondering where to get ultimate bargains from then look no further! 

I have always loved a good ol' booty (I'm from Yorkshire haha) In other terms a Car boot sale. 

It really is quite annoying when people turn their noses up at a car boot. I think it's such a silly thing to do if you ask me! I have found some reet good bargains at a car boot and most of it has been under £2!

I went to the booty last weekend and I'm honestly so happy that I did! 

First up is this stripy top originally from F&F at Tesco. I've always loved the nautical look and have a thing for anchors! However I kinda liked this top more so for the monochrome look. I plan on pairing this up with some skinny jeans, gold statement necklace and ankle boots for autumn coming up.

Next is this gorgeous dress! Admittedly a tad summery for the weather were having but I just couldn't resist! It's originally from Miss Selfridge and I have no idea why the previous owner was even selling it but I'm not complaining! I bought this for just £2, absolute bargain! It's so so pretty I love the floral design and how light weight it is. Perhaps a save for next summer...

Okay. So I know this isn't to everyone's taste but I love it. Joining all the grannies when I go out with this! I'd like to think of it as a vintage buy. I bought it off of the cutest old lady for £2. I thought it would come in handy as a travel bag as its much bigger than it looks in this picture.

Last but not least...this was the ultimate buy from the booty. So admittedly I'm not keen on the idea of 2nd hand shoes but these have literally never been worn. Trust me I did a thorough check! The woman selling them said they were bought from Topshop but the label has been covered over. I'm not entirely sure why and I've only seen 1 other person in them since. I did a bit of research but I couldn't find them on the Internet anywhere. If anyone has a pair and knows where there from then I'd love to know! I got these for £5 literally an amazing buy!

I think I'm going to try get to the car booty more often instead of hitting the high street!

If any of you go to your local boot sale and have had some amazing buys then I would love to know! 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Summer Faves

I thought I would share my ultimate summer faves. These are some little beauties that I have been loving this summer! I honestly don't think I've loved any beauty products as much as I love these! 

First of all is my Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine perfume. This was a present from my boyfriend for our 3rd year anniversary. (Safe to say he knows me extremely well) Marc Jacobs is a go to product when all else fails and I'd still be over the moon! A little birdie told me that these sold out pretty fast as they're limited edition? So I'd say I was lucky to get one! 

Let me just start by saying, just look at how pretty it looks! I have been a fan of Marc Jacobs Daisy for years admittedly going through 5 bottles in under 2 years! But this edition is my absolute hands down favourite. The only way I can describe this product is fresh, fruity and summery. It reminds me of holidays for some reason. It is long lasting and smells amazing! I always tend to go for fragrances that are fruity as others I just think are too harsh or in some cases remind me of Grandma's (surely I can't be the only one that thinks that, right?) 

Moving on....So I've had my eye on Baby Lips for a while. Being an avid instagramer I have come across these products so many times. So you can image how thrilled I was to see that they are finally out in the UK! Wuhooo! I was literally so excited when I spotted them in Superdrug!

Again I love the pretty packaging, I'm an absolute sucker for anything with pretty packaging/design. I purchased Pink Punch and Cherry Me. Out of them all I really liked the colours as well as the smell. This is another example of great smelling products. Admittedly I was a little taken back by the sheer brightness of the Pink Punch as its very 'Barbie'. However I was surprised when I put it on as it just adds a tint to your lips which I quite liked as it just perks them up a little. I'm already a fan of red lips at the moment so I knew I would love the Cherry Me. 

The only downside to these products is that they don't have an 8 hour hydration, for me it lasts about 2-3 hours. But it isn't something that bothers me as I reapply lip balms at least every hour anyway! I was surprised by the softness of the balms, I expected them to be quite hard and waxy on my lips but I was surprised at how nourishing and soft they actually were. I think they're fab products for summer the smell is always a bonus as well as the price at just £2.99! 

Grab them whilst you can! 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer Love...

Summer seems to be a popular season for weddings, of course every bride wants it to be sunny on their wedding day, right? (It's like raaaaiiinnn on you're wedding daaaay) First song that popped into my head!

I have been to two weddings in the last month and I have literally been so excited! Not going to lie I did shed a few tears. I haven't been to a wedding since being a little girl so it was all new to me and I felt really touched by the amount of effort that goes into that one special day. Weddings are super expensive and not just for the bride and groom! 

As any typical girl would, the first thought that entered my mind when I received the invitation was 'omg what am I going to wear'. Weddings aren't just a typical night out on the toon' kinda outfit its much more formal. I wanted to get something that would flatter my figure as a lot of the dresses I'd seen where very fitted and thick material. Neither appealed to me as it has been really hot in the UK recently and a tight thick material dress was the last thing that entered my mind! 

I opted for a sheer silk material which was loose fitting but pulled me in on the waist and most importantly comfortable! I know comfort isn't the first of may girls priorities but when your at a wedding from noon until early hours I'd say its pretty important! 

This is the outfit put together and I must admit I was extremely comfortable! The dress is from Oasis and was £30 in the sale. The shoes and clutch are from Newlook I was planning on wearing black accessories but I thought the cream/beige colour was more suitable for the weather we were having. This outfit all came in just under £100 which I was really happy about, I really didn't have much money to spare so I was happy with the outcome.

I used my Babyliss Heated Rollers for my hair and just pinned it back on one side. My housemate Lauren did my make up and did a fabulous job as it lasted all day! We used so many products I literally couldn't name them all but it varied from MAC to MUA. I don't have fake tan on either! This is my real tan all the way from Crete, it's faded so much now but I was happy to have glowing skin for the wedding! 

It was my boyfriends Uncle's wedding which we were invited to so it's only fair to have a quick snap added into this post, plus this is one of my fave pictures <3

If your invited to any wedding's and on a budget then my suggestion would be to bargain hunt, the high street stores have a lot of choice. It can be extremely stressful and you may just wanna give up but you will come across something. I wasn't even going to try this dress on because I didn't like the look of it on the hanger but I completely changed my mind once I had it on! 

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Holiday I'll Never Forget...

I've been back in England for just over 2 weeks and I have serious holiday blues! Someone take me back please? I went to Crete which is such a beautiful island and the scenery is breath taking- literally! I went away for 11 nights and wish I could have stayed longer (ideally a year would have been nice).

I went away with my boyfriend to celebrate our 3rd anniversary so we chose a little village to have some quality time together and relax. It was seriously the best holiday I have ever been on and to be honest with you I'm more of a girl that prefers go to really touristy areas but I had a change of heart and thought I would like to have a little change. Honestly the best thing I have ever done I don't think I have ever been so relaxed! 

As promised in my last post I'll show you some of my holiday outfits! On holiday I pay little attention to my hair and don't bother taking straighteners, I already struggle with baggage allowance and I feel they're not necessity on holiday. I also don't wear makeup as I prefer to let the sun clear up my skin and it also lightens my hair :) 

This was on the 2nd night and we went to the restaurant which was in the complex. This was a last minute outfit thrown together and I quite liked it when I put it on which was surprising! Everything I have on is stuff I've had in my wardrobe for a while so I'm not sure of the shops will have the exact ones but I'm pretty sure there are similar ones on the high street. The crop top is from New Look, the skirt is from Internacionale and the shoes are from Blanco (I bought them in Malaga last year but I've seen similar in shoe shops in the UK). This was a really comfortable outfit and loose fitting which I think is important on holiday as its still around 20 degrees on a night!

I wore this outfit to go into the main town, usually I would just wear a bikini and a sarong during the day to relax by the pool so this is like 1 out of 11 days that I actually made an effort to get dressed properly ha! The netted kimono is from George at Asda and I bought it a while ago, I put it in my haul video on my YouTube channel as I couldn't believe it was only £3!. The vest top is from River Island and the shorts are from Levi. 

This was one of my favourite evening outfits. I love the colour and after a couple days in the sun I think it complimented my skin tone (finally getting a decent tan YAY). I didn't take any close up's but the dress has little blue birds on it and I also bought this in Malaga last year. After wearing this dress I've really got into summer dresses and have bought a couple since coming back. The shoes are quite old from Primark but I was feeling very matchy matchy!

So these are my holiday outfits! I'm sorry there isn't alot of them but it was a very relaxing holiday that didn't require putting a whole lot of effort into getting ready (which I actually quite liked). 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Boots Bargains!

Sincere apologies for my lack of blogging lately. I have been on placement Monday to Friday and working at my part time job on weekends. Busy busy busy! I am going on holiday next week so I am super excited for the break and a tan! I am hoping to do a couple outfits of the day whilst I'm over there and I'll post when I'm back!

Business as usual....I've been doing my usual bargain hunting and seriously could not believe what I came across!

You won't believe how much I paid for each of them! £2? Nope an amazing 20p *mini heart attack* I could not believe my luck! I was in Boot's in Batley and was actually looking at Sinful Colours nail polish (which I also bought in Unicorn) 

I have no idea why they were discounted so much but I basically bought the whole basket! I mean 20p though, really how amazing is that? They are your normal drugstore brands but I am so happy I was in Boots when I was! Talk about the right place at the right time! Why don't they do this in every Boots store?

The Barry M lipstick is my favourite, unfortunately I don't know what shade it is as it doesn't say it on the label! The Bourjois lip pallets....I've been wanting to experiment with different colours and this has given me the perfect opportunity! 

I haven't yet used the 17 products but I'll do a review on them when I have. The Maybelline Lip Gloss smells amazing, almost like vanilla with a hint of coconut. I think this looks great on as I have olive skin so I would recommend a similar shade if you have olive skin too. 

Out of all the polishes this is my favourite. I've had my nails done at Nails Inc before and for 20p I thought I'd give it a go. Honest initial thoughts was that I didn't think it would work. How wrong was I? I love this polish and the effect I'm not entirely sure how it works I think its to do with the particles or something? Anywho I love it!

The Orly polishes are also really good I love the sea blue colour I think its perfect for summer. I'm hoping to experiment with my dotting tools and I'll do a little step by step post about them!

I have so much more to blog about and now I actually have a little more time on my hands I pinky promise!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

Today's post is about my latest discovery, L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara! If I'm honest I still aren't really into the 'makeup world' just yet, I'm still learning but I love experimenting. So at the moment I tend to opt for cheaper alternatives because I want to see if I like certain products and if i do then I know its worth buying the expensive ones. I just don't see the point in spending mass amounts of money on products that I might not even like, whereas spending very little and experimenting I can get a better idea of what I actually like and I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting out with make-up.

By me saying 'cheaper' I mean brands like Rimmel, Natural Collection and Collection 2000. However upon discovering TKmaxx (which I've always known about, I've just haven't been bothered to look) which I should have most definitely bothered to look, ohh emmm geee the bargains in there! I've seriously been missing out!

I got this little beauty for £3.99 in the Leeds City Centre TKmaxx, I braved it and went in, and after finding this I am so happy that I did! The first TKmaxx I went into was the Guisley one which is a rather quite town so wasn't as busy as the Leeds one! They do loads of good brands for ridiculously cheap, I researched some of the prices and Superdrug was showing to sell the product at £11 so I definitely got a bargain!

I love the brush it really separates my eyelashes and I have quite thick eyelashes especially the ones in the corners they all like to clump together when I use other mascaras but since using the L'Oreal Telescopic I have noticed a difference! It doesn't flake and isn't too dry, admittedly I am used to using a softer brush, this one is rather hard to adapt to but that can be put aside because I absolutely love the outcome!

I've recently uploaded my haul video to YouTube and I've bought other things from TKmaxx since! I am no longer turning a blind eye to shops that may look cluttered or like a jumble sale because you find some little treasures hidden like this mascara!

If you have any little shops or big stores that you know have serious bargains then I would love to know!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

YouTube Video

So, I have finally got round to editing and uploading my latest haul video! I have had such a nightmare with cameras and editing! I have been really busy working but I've managed to make time to finish it. I've posted about some of the items on here and done outfit of the day posts but I've gone into more detail on my video! I am going to try keep on top of it and upload more often because its something I really enjoy and I need to make more time for it!

Mind the thumbnail I completely forgot to take a decent photo, wooops!


Midi Skirts

I've noticed that midi skirts and dresses have been really popular on the high street lately! I've been umming and arring about whether to buy one or not because when you're merely 5ft its easy to shrink yourself with long dresses and skirts. However I thought I'd experiment and see how I liked it on, surprisingly I loved it!

It's the perfect length on me and its so so, sooo comfy! It's very basic but I'll show you how I've dressed it up for a night out and dressed it down for during the day.

I wore this for my friends birthday night out and it's one of the comfiest going out, outfits I've ever worn! I teamed it up with the polka dot crop top just so it didn't look too plain and added brown shoes and accessories to break it away from just black and white. The top is from the Newlook sale store which I've recently posted about and it was only £3! The skirt was £8 on offer from Internacionale and the shoes are from Barrats but were bought last year.

This is a more casual look, kinda everyday wear. Again this was super comfy, I know fashion isn't always about comfort but it helps if it is, right? I just wore a really plain grey T from Primark for £3/£4 and wore a statement necklace which was £4 from Primark to jazz it up a little. I never would have thought that I would wear pumps with a skirt, like ever, but I've seen quite a few people pull it off so I thought why not, and wore my converse which I also love and are comfortable!

Midi Skirt- Internacionale 
Converse- Office 

Hope this helps you get a few ideas on how to dress a midi skirt up and down for day or night, especially you short people out there like me!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is that the sun I can see?

Soooo, the sunshine has finally decided to make an appearance and I don't think I could be happier, all the spring/summer clothes can finally come out of the wardrobe! 

I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday! Everyone seems to be much happier when the sun is out! Its BBQ and beer garden kinda weather, something which England doesn't experience often enough, so when its this nice everyone likes to make the most of it! I wouldn't say its a shorts and vest top kinda weather just yet though. 

I've been playing around with some outfits over the bank holiday, I haven't gone for anything too summery because you just never know with English weather! 


Surprisingly most of this outfit is pretty old, my jeans are Leigh Topshop ones (the most comfiest pair of jeans I own!) My sandals are from River Island they have a gold chain up the front and leopard print platted into it, they are like the 'jelly' sandal and are so comfy at first I thought they would rub but they really don't, I'm a huge fan of the Mel shoes which are sold at Schuh which are similar to these.

The shirt is new and is from Miss Selfridge I got it in the sale for £6.90 with student discount, I honestly couldn't believe how cheap it was! This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment its really light weight, long and a lovely pastel pink colour, it has a cut out on the back which you can't see but it adds a nice detail to the top. The only thing I'd say I dislike about it is how easily it creases!

(Excuse the mirror selfie, this is what happens when your tripod'less)
This is the outfit on, sometimes just showing you how to put an outfit together isn't really enough because it can look completely different on and you might want to change. I just threw this outfit together and I love it, its so comfy but I think it has a nice summery touch, even though I'm in jeans. The necklace is from Primark for just £4! The ring is old, but from Miss Selfridge but they do exact copies in Primark for like £1! 

Face of the day...

Rimmel London- Match Perfection 200, soft beige
Body Collection- compressed bronzing powder 
w7 Brow Bar- shades 2&3

Collection 2000- Extreme 24 hour felt pen 
Rimmel London Mascara- Extreme black volume flash 

Natural Collection- Rose Petal 


I've been shopping recently and noticed that a lot of the high street shops have bright, neon colours in the windows, I've seen a lot of jewelry with neon colours in but I just haven't seen many that I like, I'm hoping they get some more in closer to summer! I've been in Primark (obviously, I love the place). I picked up the t-shirt and the shoes, the glasses and bag are also from there but I bought those last year. As soon as I seen the t-shirt I loved it, admittedly it is bright orange and not something I'd usually wear but I was feeling adventurous and it was only £4!

I love the shoes, I've had my eye on them for a while but when you have size 3 feet its hard to find your size! Finally they had some in stock though YAY. They were £8 which I think is worth it, they have little triangle cut outs allover which I really liked and the tan colour will literally go with most of my wardrobe! The necklace is also from Primark which I mentioned above, the bag I think was around £4 and the sunglasses where like £2. The jeans are from NewLook for £20 and are unbelievably comfy and come in petite sizes for extremely short people like myself!


Barry M Gelly- Greenberry 
This is my absolute favourite at the moment and I love the contrast of colours with my t-shirt, the ring is also from Primark and came in a pack of 4 for £4.

I hope you found this useful if you need any inspiration for some spring/summer looks, do you have any outfits you'd like to share?