Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas Spree!

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and New Year! I haven't done a post in forever just because I've been so busy with uni and moving home for Christmas.  Moving back home means living a two minute drive from the White Rose Shopping Centre and a 10 minute drive into Leeds City Centre! This means way too much shopping and easily giving into temptation, I can not resist the sales, (I mean, who can resist?)

So, here is a couple of things I've got over Christmas and in the sales, they are quite recent so they should still be available in the shops, hope you like!


£24 at Primark 

Blazer- £7

PJ's- £6
Slippers- £1.50


These were a gift so I'm not entirely sure on the price but I think they are around £6, added a snap of the metallic added with some BarryM glitter :) 

£12- Topshop


£4 each at Miss Selfridge


This came in a 2 pack the other spelling 'wish' and these were £4



I think these are great value for money, they are only £19.99 (without student discount!) They are the supersoft skinny jeans and are really comfortable, I love the Topshop supersoft skinnys but these are so much cheaper!



This was also a Christmas present but it is £28, I think it looks much more expensive than the price tag and goes nice with evening and day wear!

Well, I hope you guys like! I know the picture quality isnt great so apologies for that :( but best be getting ready for the January sales! (Best thing about having a birthday in January wuhoo!)

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