Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nail Crazy!

Just a couple of snaps of the nail designs I've done over the last year, admittedly some are not as good as others but practise makes perfect, right? I love painting nails and I find it rather therapeutic, I probably paint my nails at least once a week, addiction, hmm maybe?

All the polishes used for these designs vary, I have no specific preference to the brand of polishes so if I like the colour I will buy it! The only thing I would recommend is OPI base and top coat, the base coat really helps protect the nail and the top coat is the best I've used! These are quite expensive but worth it, you are paying for the quality and it is excellent :) 

Leopard Print 
Leopard Print & Stripes 

Christmas Snowmen

My fav, Panda's!





I love all of these designs and hope you do to, some of them need a little clean up and retouching!
I will put some step to step image's on how to achieve some of these designs in a later post, some are easier than others but I just find it rewarding when they are done and look really pretty and unique!

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