Monday, 11 February 2013

Hunter Wellies

This is probably one of the best bargains I have ever seen!

This Saturday I went shopping in Harrogate, a lovely little town! It is'nt anywhere near as busy as Leeds City Centre on a Saturday afternoon and has most of the high street shops.

I have been to Harrogate before but only on the train, however this weekend we opted for the car, the car park luckily leads straight into Victoria Shopping Centre (saved me getting soaked, great British weather ey?) 

Usually I know which shops I want to go to, (basically every high street retailer!) However I found my self oblivious to what shop I was in, then in the corner of my eye I spotted some Hunter wellies, I've wanted a pair of these for ages! I went over to have a look, with no intention to buy because I think they are quite pricey, nothing wrong with a little look though, right? When I seen the price I was shocked! I only payed £39.99 for these beauts at tkmaxx! I surprised myself because I would never think to look in shops like tkmaxx, I guess I should do it more often!

Original Gloss Short 

These were definitely and investment to me, when do wellies every really get old, or go out of fashion? There were other colours available but I chose to go with some plain black ones, I think they're timeless and go with a lot of my clothes, on the Hunter website they are £69 which means I have saved quite a bit of money! I just couldn't resist, perfect for festivals too, yey! :)

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