Sunday, 31 March 2013


I hope you are all enjoying your Easter Sunday an Bank Holiday Weekend! Hopefully all stuffing your face with chocolate? I most certainly am! 

This is my ootd from over the weekend! :) 

Bowler Hat- Amazon 
Leather Jacket- Internacionale 
Skater Skirt- Internacionale 
Shirt- H&M (old)

Brogues- Clarks 

Lipstick- Natural Collection, Crimson at Boots
Necklace- Primark 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Outfits Of The Day

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter Sunday an Bank Holiday Weekend! Hopefully all stuffing your face with chocolate? I most certainly am! 

This is my ootd from over the weekend! :) 

Bowler Hat- Amazon 
Leather Jacket- Internacionale 
Skater Skirt- Internacionale 
Shirt- H&M (old)

Brogues- Clarks 

Lipstick- Natural Collection, Crimson at Boots
Necklace- Primark 

Don't you just love it when your outfits come together? Like when you just randomly throw some things together and it become's one of your faves? I do! 

I don't know if many of you are aware of Instagram, (I'm sure many of you are) but I love it! When I have those days where I'm like 'yeah I love this' I always post a picture on Instagram and hash tag OOTD or WIWT I love seeing what other pictures people have posted too! 

If you don't have those days then I recommend to have a little browse on Instagram or even magazines are great for a little inspiration!

So these are just a couple of recent snaps....

Levi Shorts- (actually cut these into shorts myself) Charity Shop
T- Shirt- Primark 
Cardigan- Primark 
Converse- Office 
Necklace- Miss Selfridge 

Shorts- Charity Shop 
Blazer- Carboot Sale 
Top- Topshop
Belt- Primark 
Converse- Office 

Top- Primark 
Belt- Urban Outfitters 
Skirt & Watch- River Island 
Shoes- Primark 

Ring- Miss Selfridge 
Necklace & Leggings- Primark
Jumper- Internacionale 
Converse- Office 

Hope this has helped!

Friday, 22 March 2013

What to wear with a Bowler Hat

I recently posted about finally getting a Bowler Hat, if you haven't seen it give it a quick look, its a serious bargain! Click here...

It took me a while to be daring enough and wear the hat out, but I plucked up the courage and thought, why not? I didn't really think I suited hats but I got a second, third AND fourth opinion on it and received nice comments, which boosted my confidence a tad more (which is always nice!)

So, when I finally thought 'yeah I'll wear it today' I was stuck on what to wear it with? After staring at my wardrobe hoping something new will magically appear then stressing because I have 'no clothes' even though I actually have no room for more clothes (I know you all do it!)

 I finally decided to go with what I would usually wear and just add it as an accessory and see how that worked out for me, I decided upon these two outfits....

Leather Jacket- Internacionale (old)
Lips Shirt- eBay  
Disco Pants- A friends but definitely investing in some!
Converse - Office

Leather Jacket- Internacionale (old)
Polka Dot Dress- Newlook  
Boots- Primark 
Bag- BHS (very old!)
Watch- River Island

I hope you found this helpful if your struggling to decided what to wear with a Bowler Hat,  my advice would be to just try on outfits that you know you like and add the hat for a little quirkiness!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Clarks Brogues Vintage

So, I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog that I work at Clarks Shoes? I have worked there for just over a year now in Leeds City Centre. I have had previous jobs before this one within retail, but I can honestly say, (hand on heart) that I absolutely love my job! It helps that you have amazing people to work with!

I don't know if many of you as a child always wore Clarks shoes? I did and I know many others who have too, but the overall view I had about Clarks was that it is great quality, durable, stylish shoes (and this was before I even worked there)!

I've recently purchased these new work shoes which I adore! They are cute little brogues, quite plain but I like the little detail and think they just add a vintage look to any outfit.

I think they're quite a masculine shoe, but with the almost lace like detailing it adds a feminine touch. I chose the black ones because they're for work and I want to look smart, I'm thinking about getting some ankle grazer jeans to wear with them, and for a different look a black dress with tights and frilly socks? Not too sure yet, I'm so indecisive!

They're £54.99 which seems a little expensive, but if you want great quality comfortable shoes then  its worth it. There's no point opting for a cheaper alternative when it comes to some shoes because they can just fall apart after a couple times wearing them which means paying twice and wasting money, and I don't know anyone who likes doing that?

I'm loyal to wearing Clarks shoes because I think they're great quality but most importantly comfortable! Nobody wants to walk round work all day with their feet killing them, right? This style of shoe comes in a variety of colours some really nice pastel ones have just come in so I'm keeping my eye on those for summer!

To get your own pair click here

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

As of today I am the very proud owner of Real Techniques make up brushes by Samantha Chapman! I have heard nothing but good things about these brushes and I really wanted some but then I realised how expensive they were! Even with a Boots advantage card I didn't think they were worth it ha! 

Over a month ago I was scrolling through instagram and seen that someone had posted about the brushes and about how cheap they were. So, I thought I'd check it out myself, the website which was selling the brushes was American. I'm not entirely sure why they are sooo much cheaper over there, maybe something to do with the currency? Not too sure but I wasn't complaining! 

I ordered the Stippling brush and the Core Collection, I really can't wait to test these brushes out because I know they're amazing! I've had my makeup done with people using these brushes and you can really see and feel the difference!

With the Core Collection you get a 2 in 1 case and stand which I thought was great, there's also more space in the case to add other brushes. Which, if you're like me then it is really handy because I'm forever loosing things and its just nice to have them all together!

In the Core Collection you get:
Detailer Brush 
Pointed Foundation Brush 
Buffing Brush 
Contour Brush 

All of which can be used to create a flawless base. The Stippling Brush is used to create airbrushed high definition results. If you have never used these brushes before they each have a description on the packaging and recommendations to watch Samantha's tutorial videos,which I will be watching!

I can not believe how cheap I got these brushes! All together I only paid £16 for all 5! I was gobsmacked because just after Christmas I was so tempted to buy the Stippling Brush in Boots for £13 just on its own! The brushes were actually cheaper because as a first time customer on iHerb they give you 10% off, the postage and packaging was cheaper because me and a friend ordered together (we had our thinking caps on). I am so so happy with the quality and the price!

Get ordering, serious bargain!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bowler Hat and Lip's Shirt

Recently I have been quite bad with online shopping, when boredom kicks in at uni (when I should really be doing work) I somehow magically end up online shopping which can sometimes be really bad for my bank balance because I just can't stop! Ooops!

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, my Lips shirt finally made an appearance in the post-room this morning accompanied by my Bowler hat! These were both very inexpensive compared to high street prices, the hat was ordered from Amazon and the shirt was ordered off of eBay and I think they were from China that's why they took such a long time to arrive!

Here's a few snaps!

I love this shirt I think it will go with so many of my clothes and its was only £6.50! Even though it took a while to arrive I am so happy with the quality of the product, when items are so cheap I usually have quite low expectations of the quality, but the shirt is in perfect condition!
It's a really light weight material and is a little see through and sheer but that can always be changed by adding a white vest top underneath, perfect for spring and summer!

This is my Bowler hat! First time I've worn this and I wasn't to sure about it, like if it suited me or not but so far I've had good comments about it which has been really nice. I want a different look, I feel like I wear similar clothes everyday so I thought this was a nice change. I have seen that these hats have become quite popular, especially on the high street. I tried a bowler hat on in Topshop and friends said it suited me, I just wasn't so keen on the price £25! So, I did some online browsing and found more or less the exact same one on Amazon for £8 which is a big difference and saved me a lot of money! I think I will wear this with causal day time clothes but also for nights out and meals.The red lipstick is the natural collection from boots in crimson :) 

My hair looks like two completely different shades in the photos but its because they are from my instgram and I added effects (I've never died my hair and don't plan to!)

Hope you found this helpful!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Benefit Concealer

Benefit Makeup is not something I would usually buy, personally I think the products are quite expensive and I always begrudge paying loads of money for something that I know won't last me very long.

HOWEVER what a mistake I made for having this perception of Benefit cosmetics!

Last week I was getting ready for a night out and I asked my friend Lauren to do my make up (she has literally every product, brush and brand imaginable!) She used 'Benefit Confessions of a concealaholic', I have never seen a concealer brighten up my eyes as much as this one. I was really surprised at how well it covered the dark circles underneath my eyes. I think the product is amazing and my dark circles were well hidden all night! 

After having my makeup done I really wanted my very own 'Confessions of a concealaholic', so I went onto the Benefit website and they were on offer for £14.50 which is much cheaper than the original price and way much cheaper than other websites I had browsed. At that price how could I not get it? I can't wait to use this product and give a better review about it once I've used it a couple more times! It also comes with a primer which is usually about £20 bought on its own, so it is definitely worth the money!

If you want one I'd say to get onto the website as soon as possible because I don't think they will be there for much longer at that price!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty Haul- Part 2

I hope you found the 1st part of the beauty haul helpful, these are the last couple of things I've purchased....

To the right is Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 I paid £20.50 for this product. This can be seen as quite expensive but it gives a really good coverage and natural matte finish. I have never used a foundation that has given me such good coverage, I have quite a couple blemishes and it is really good at hiding them! I usually use this foundation for nights out or special occasions, it does seem quite expensive but I only use a little and it goes a long way and honestly can't tell you how good the coverage is unless you try it out yourself.
Mac Makeup

To the right is Rimmel Match Perfection 200 Soft Beige. The lighting in the picture makes the foundation look much darker than it actually is (my bad). This is the first time I have used this product but I think its great for an everyday foundation. It gives medium coverage, hides redness and blemishes and I found it sits quite well on the skin and isn't too thick. My favorite thing about this foundation is how great it smells! In comparison to Mac I find that it doesn't smell as nice, it isn't the most important factor of the product but I do prefer nicer smelling products especially on my face. (maybe I'm just fussy) I bought this in Boots and it was on offer for just £5 so I think it is really worth the money!
Rimmel Perfect Match

I have just noticed that I've become quite a Rimmel fan with the foundation and this mascara as well as having the primer! This is the Extreme Black Volume Flash. I have used so many mascaras in the past including high end brands like No7 but always found I either don't like the shape of the brush applicator or it makes the mascara look clumpy on my eyes. However I think I have found a mascara that I am going to stick with, I'll probably try some others because there's always room for improvement. I already have quick thick lashes but this just enhances them and gives them a nice curl, thought I'd put a picture up of how good I think the product has worked, I am so happy and satisfied with the quality of this product it really grabs the lashes and lifts them to make them look much longer and doesn't make them look clumpy or dry (which I hate about mascaras). I am in love with this product at the moment and it was only around £5 at Superdrug.
Rimmel Volume Mascara
I hope you found this helpful :) 

Monday, 4 March 2013

Beauty Haul- Part 1

Over the past month or so I have been experimenting with new products and testing them out, I've been stuck in a rut with my beauty regime so I thought I'd spruce things up and try out something new. These are just a few recent purchases, some are very inexpensive products and some aren't, the ones which aren't are worth the money because I personally think the quality is bril!

So, as you can see I have a mixed bag of products here, I'm just going to give a quick review on them and let you guys know what I think :) 

To the left of this picture is Diesel Loverdose, this was a present and came in a gift set as it was bought around Christmas time. It is a 30ml bottle and came with a 50ml body lotion and shower gel. I absolutely love this fragrance, it's kind of hard to describe the smell but I'd describe it as quite 'fruity' (not sure if that makes sense to you) but you don't need to spray a lot and it lasts all day with just a couple spritz on the neck and wrist. It took me a while to get used to the fragrance because admittedly I am a Marc Jacobs Daisy fan and have been for a fair few years, but after testing Diesel out I would recommend it and its quite cheap for what it is! (£36 in Boots)
Diesel Loverdose

To the right is 'Stop 'n' Grow Stop Biting. If any of you want to stop biting your nails or the sides of your nails then this is what you need! It has an easy application brush just like a nail polish, and doesn't leave an awful smell on your hands, BUT once you even attempt to put your fingers in your mouth you are greeted with the most awful taste which makes you quickly remove them, safe to say the product does exactly what it says! I have used this for over the last week, regrettably I bite the side of my fingers (a really bad habit). However since I've had this the condition of my fingers look so much better and aren't sore anymore BONUS! If you have any bad habits like biting your nails, fingers or thumb sucking this is definitely the product for you! (£3.49 from Amazon)
Stop 'n' Grow

To the left is 'high lights' by technic. I have posted about this product before but I honestly cant tell you how great it is, I use this more for nights out or special occasions, I don't really use it in my everyday make up routine. It is similar to Benefit High Beam but at a much lower price, it is only £2.49 off of Amazon, seriously try it out!
Technic- High Lights

To the right is 'Natural Collection' in Crimson I bought this from Boots and it was only £1.99. At the moment I'm not a lipstick person but I want to get into it, I've seen that it can make a complete change to the way you look. This is just a start out product I went for a cheaper range just in case I don't like the way I look with lipstick on. However I have used it and to my surprise I did like it, the lipstick keeps your lips moisturised and doesn't dry them out like I know other lipsticks can, the only downside to this product is that it fades after a short amount of time and you have to reapply it quite a few times. If you are wanting to test out lipstick just to get an idea on how it looks then it is worth it, I will be purchasing a more expensive branded lipstick now I know that I like the colour on me!

To the left is 'Simple' face moisturiser I got this from Boots for around £3 I think it was on offer at the time. I have heard loads of good things about Simple and due to the cold weather we have had recently my face has become quite dry. So I thought I'd give this a try, it is for sensitive skin and I tend to prefer products that are for sensitive skin because I'm always worried that I'd get an allergic reaction to strong perfumed products (even though I've never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life, I still worry). I would recommend this product it doesn't feel to heavy on your skin or feel like it is clogging up your pores, it really does hydrate your skin and you can feel the difference.
Simple Skincare

To the right is TRESemme' Heat Defence it was again on offer at Boots for around £3. I have only just started using this product, first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells great, I've used heat defence products before and not been keen on the smell, but I really like this one. I've used it a couple of times but I think I need to use it a lot more to get the real effect of the product. However the reason I bought this is because my mum has sworn by this product for years and she has similar hair to me and uses straighteners most days and she has shiny healthy glossy hair. So hopefully this product will work just as good on my hair and on yours if you decide to purchase it :)