Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bowler Hat and Lip's Shirt

Recently I have been quite bad with online shopping, when boredom kicks in at uni (when I should really be doing work) I somehow magically end up online shopping which can sometimes be really bad for my bank balance because I just can't stop! Ooops!

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, my Lips shirt finally made an appearance in the post-room this morning accompanied by my Bowler hat! These were both very inexpensive compared to high street prices, the hat was ordered from Amazon and the shirt was ordered off of eBay and I think they were from China that's why they took such a long time to arrive!

Here's a few snaps!

I love this shirt I think it will go with so many of my clothes and its was only £6.50! Even though it took a while to arrive I am so happy with the quality of the product, when items are so cheap I usually have quite low expectations of the quality, but the shirt is in perfect condition!
It's a really light weight material and is a little see through and sheer but that can always be changed by adding a white vest top underneath, perfect for spring and summer!

This is my Bowler hat! First time I've worn this and I wasn't to sure about it, like if it suited me or not but so far I've had good comments about it which has been really nice. I want a different look, I feel like I wear similar clothes everyday so I thought this was a nice change. I have seen that these hats have become quite popular, especially on the high street. I tried a bowler hat on in Topshop and friends said it suited me, I just wasn't so keen on the price £25! So, I did some online browsing and found more or less the exact same one on Amazon for £8 which is a big difference and saved me a lot of money! I think I will wear this with causal day time clothes but also for nights out and meals.The red lipstick is the natural collection from boots in crimson :) 

My hair looks like two completely different shades in the photos but its because they are from my instgram and I added effects (I've never died my hair and don't plan to!)

Hope you found this helpful!

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