Friday, 22 March 2013

What to wear with a Bowler Hat

I recently posted about finally getting a Bowler Hat, if you haven't seen it give it a quick look, its a serious bargain! Click here...

It took me a while to be daring enough and wear the hat out, but I plucked up the courage and thought, why not? I didn't really think I suited hats but I got a second, third AND fourth opinion on it and received nice comments, which boosted my confidence a tad more (which is always nice!)

So, when I finally thought 'yeah I'll wear it today' I was stuck on what to wear it with? After staring at my wardrobe hoping something new will magically appear then stressing because I have 'no clothes' even though I actually have no room for more clothes (I know you all do it!)

 I finally decided to go with what I would usually wear and just add it as an accessory and see how that worked out for me, I decided upon these two outfits....

Leather Jacket- Internacionale (old)
Lips Shirt- eBay  
Disco Pants- A friends but definitely investing in some!
Converse - Office

Leather Jacket- Internacionale (old)
Polka Dot Dress- Newlook  
Boots- Primark 
Bag- BHS (very old!)
Watch- River Island

I hope you found this helpful if your struggling to decided what to wear with a Bowler Hat,  my advice would be to just try on outfits that you know you like and add the hat for a little quirkiness!

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