Thursday, 4 April 2013

First Trip To Trinity Leeds!

So I don't know if many of you are aware of Trinity Leeds the brand spanking new shopping centre! Absolute bonus that I work right at the side of it! (or possibly one of the worst things to happen)

It opened on the 21st of March and the first time I went was Tuesday the 2nd of April! That's nearly 2 whole weeks of me itching to get there, I would have loved to go to the grand opening but I have had so much uni work (extremely sad times)! But now its Easter I have more time YAY!

I finally got to go and I absolutely loved it, I have lived in Leeds all my life so I'm used to shopping in a quite a big city and Trinity Leeds is a big breathe of fresh air, its so modern and up to date now I love it, honestly can't praise it anymore and there is even more shops opening (apparently one a week so I've been told, word gets round when you work in retail!) 

Sooo, being my usual typical self I thought that there would be no harm in a little retail therapy, right?

As always I'd like to share some of my bargains that I got to show you all so you can go snap them up!

This is very simple plain T-shirt but I just thought it would look really nice with some leggings and maybe a statement necklace. It's like a peplum design and is longer at the back and its a lilac colour and I got this for just £5 at Newlook!

I really love these sheer shirts I literally have about 30 light weight shirts similar to this in a variety of colours. Not to sure about how it looks again a white background think it washes the colour out a little but this was only £3 from Primark!

I have been wanting a charcoal/grey skater dress like this for ages and when I seen this I just couldnt resist, I'm planning on wearing this both during the day and for nights out. I think its just really simple and I love the T-shirt design and again I'll probably team this up with a statement necklace.
£12 from Internacionale

Love my new Barry M Gelly Nail Polish (Planning on doing a post about the latest colours I've got in these) This ring is probably my most favourite item I got from my haul and it was £2.50 from Primark! (These weren't purchased in Trinity Leeds but there is a Primark opening in there soon, excitiiiing!

These are just a couple of snaps from Urban Outfitters, I love just browsing round this shop it has so many cool things inside!

My boyfriend was going to get the cup with the biscuit pocket at Christmas but they were so popular they sold out :( BUT they have them again sooo maybe one might just magically appear into my hands, just maybe? 

I love the hip flasks I think they're great for festivals the owl one is so pretty but I'd probably be scared that it would get ruined, and the camera one reminds me of something a little vintage? I really want this tea mug, because yes, I genuinely love a good cuppa, Yorkshire tea ftw! 

Finally I hope you had a great Easter and if you didn't maybe this will cheer you up...

If you aren't from Leeds and wondering what all the fuss is about and not sure whether to travel up then I would say its a definite yes, you can make a day of it the 3rd floor is full of restaurants and bars. To take a quick look click here


  1. I love that nail varnish! so pretty, what colour is it? : ) x

    1. It's the new Barry M Gellys and I think the colour is called green berry :) xxx