Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Look Sale Shops

I recently went to The Deep in Hull, having a 4 year old brother means days out are aimed more to entertain him, but when I found out I don't know who was more excited! Inner child making an appearance there! 

I've never thought to go to Hull for a spot of shopping but whilst we were there we thought it would be nice to go to the city centre and just have a little look. 

In the shopping centre (of which the name I can't remember) there was a NewLook so I wondered on in and after about 20 minutes of being in there I realised that literally everything was on sale there wasn't one full price item in the shop! I was actually in heaven (love sales!)

Some of the stuff was rather outdated but some of it was really nice! I only bought 2 items but I had to stop myself from buying more, after all it was the first shop that I went in...

I bet you can't guess how much this dress was? £6! I could'nt believe it when I looked at the tag! It is age 13-14 BUT I'm no skinny minnie and the sizes are generous. I bought this mainly beacause I loved the electric blue colour and the gold zips at the side. I wore this for my friends birthday night out, its a really light weight material and really comfortable!

NewLook Dress
Dress- NewLook Sale Store £6
Necklace- Primark £4
Watch- River Island- £25

Apparently there's only a couple of the sale only stores in the UK so if you live near one (I'm not sure where the rest are) then its worth a look I wish I lived closer to one!

I'm hopefully going to be uploading a video on my YouTube channel shortly about my recent purchases (too many if you ask me) but I hope you found this useful, such a good way to save money!

Do any of you have a NewLook Sale Store nearby?


  1. This dress is so cute and it looks gorgeous on you..:X

    1. Aw thank you! If you are ever near a sale store it's definitely worth a look in!xxx

  2. Hi just found your blog! Ooh I've never heard of a sale store before, sound brilliant haha! The dress is a lovely find, suits you very nicely :) I'm possibly going to university in Leeds at the end of this year, I'm excited haha! Great post

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

    1. They are amazing, I couldn't believe they even existed! Thank you very much! Aww I think you will really like Leeds, its my hometown and I love it :)

      I've checked out your blog and followed, I really like your style!xxx