Saturday, 11 May 2013

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

Today's post is about my latest discovery, L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara! If I'm honest I still aren't really into the 'makeup world' just yet, I'm still learning but I love experimenting. So at the moment I tend to opt for cheaper alternatives because I want to see if I like certain products and if i do then I know its worth buying the expensive ones. I just don't see the point in spending mass amounts of money on products that I might not even like, whereas spending very little and experimenting I can get a better idea of what I actually like and I would recommend this to anyone who is just starting out with make-up.

By me saying 'cheaper' I mean brands like Rimmel, Natural Collection and Collection 2000. However upon discovering TKmaxx (which I've always known about, I've just haven't been bothered to look) which I should have most definitely bothered to look, ohh emmm geee the bargains in there! I've seriously been missing out!

I got this little beauty for £3.99 in the Leeds City Centre TKmaxx, I braved it and went in, and after finding this I am so happy that I did! The first TKmaxx I went into was the Guisley one which is a rather quite town so wasn't as busy as the Leeds one! They do loads of good brands for ridiculously cheap, I researched some of the prices and Superdrug was showing to sell the product at £11 so I definitely got a bargain!

I love the brush it really separates my eyelashes and I have quite thick eyelashes especially the ones in the corners they all like to clump together when I use other mascaras but since using the L'Oreal Telescopic I have noticed a difference! It doesn't flake and isn't too dry, admittedly I am used to using a softer brush, this one is rather hard to adapt to but that can be put aside because I absolutely love the outcome!

I've recently uploaded my haul video to YouTube and I've bought other things from TKmaxx since! I am no longer turning a blind eye to shops that may look cluttered or like a jumble sale because you find some little treasures hidden like this mascara!

If you have any little shops or big stores that you know have serious bargains then I would love to know!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

YouTube Video

So, I have finally got round to editing and uploading my latest haul video! I have had such a nightmare with cameras and editing! I have been really busy working but I've managed to make time to finish it. I've posted about some of the items on here and done outfit of the day posts but I've gone into more detail on my video! I am going to try keep on top of it and upload more often because its something I really enjoy and I need to make more time for it!

Mind the thumbnail I completely forgot to take a decent photo, wooops!


Midi Skirts

I've noticed that midi skirts and dresses have been really popular on the high street lately! I've been umming and arring about whether to buy one or not because when you're merely 5ft its easy to shrink yourself with long dresses and skirts. However I thought I'd experiment and see how I liked it on, surprisingly I loved it!

It's the perfect length on me and its so so, sooo comfy! It's very basic but I'll show you how I've dressed it up for a night out and dressed it down for during the day.

I wore this for my friends birthday night out and it's one of the comfiest going out, outfits I've ever worn! I teamed it up with the polka dot crop top just so it didn't look too plain and added brown shoes and accessories to break it away from just black and white. The top is from the Newlook sale store which I've recently posted about and it was only £3! The skirt was £8 on offer from Internacionale and the shoes are from Barrats but were bought last year.

This is a more casual look, kinda everyday wear. Again this was super comfy, I know fashion isn't always about comfort but it helps if it is, right? I just wore a really plain grey T from Primark for £3/£4 and wore a statement necklace which was £4 from Primark to jazz it up a little. I never would have thought that I would wear pumps with a skirt, like ever, but I've seen quite a few people pull it off so I thought why not, and wore my converse which I also love and are comfortable!

Midi Skirt- Internacionale 
Converse- Office 

Hope this helps you get a few ideas on how to dress a midi skirt up and down for day or night, especially you short people out there like me!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Is that the sun I can see?

Soooo, the sunshine has finally decided to make an appearance and I don't think I could be happier, all the spring/summer clothes can finally come out of the wardrobe! 

I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday! Everyone seems to be much happier when the sun is out! Its BBQ and beer garden kinda weather, something which England doesn't experience often enough, so when its this nice everyone likes to make the most of it! I wouldn't say its a shorts and vest top kinda weather just yet though. 

I've been playing around with some outfits over the bank holiday, I haven't gone for anything too summery because you just never know with English weather! 


Surprisingly most of this outfit is pretty old, my jeans are Leigh Topshop ones (the most comfiest pair of jeans I own!) My sandals are from River Island they have a gold chain up the front and leopard print platted into it, they are like the 'jelly' sandal and are so comfy at first I thought they would rub but they really don't, I'm a huge fan of the Mel shoes which are sold at Schuh which are similar to these.

The shirt is new and is from Miss Selfridge I got it in the sale for £6.90 with student discount, I honestly couldn't believe how cheap it was! This is one of my favourite pieces at the moment its really light weight, long and a lovely pastel pink colour, it has a cut out on the back which you can't see but it adds a nice detail to the top. The only thing I'd say I dislike about it is how easily it creases!

(Excuse the mirror selfie, this is what happens when your tripod'less)
This is the outfit on, sometimes just showing you how to put an outfit together isn't really enough because it can look completely different on and you might want to change. I just threw this outfit together and I love it, its so comfy but I think it has a nice summery touch, even though I'm in jeans. The necklace is from Primark for just £4! The ring is old, but from Miss Selfridge but they do exact copies in Primark for like £1! 

Face of the day...

Rimmel London- Match Perfection 200, soft beige
Body Collection- compressed bronzing powder 
w7 Brow Bar- shades 2&3

Collection 2000- Extreme 24 hour felt pen 
Rimmel London Mascara- Extreme black volume flash 

Natural Collection- Rose Petal 


I've been shopping recently and noticed that a lot of the high street shops have bright, neon colours in the windows, I've seen a lot of jewelry with neon colours in but I just haven't seen many that I like, I'm hoping they get some more in closer to summer! I've been in Primark (obviously, I love the place). I picked up the t-shirt and the shoes, the glasses and bag are also from there but I bought those last year. As soon as I seen the t-shirt I loved it, admittedly it is bright orange and not something I'd usually wear but I was feeling adventurous and it was only £4!

I love the shoes, I've had my eye on them for a while but when you have size 3 feet its hard to find your size! Finally they had some in stock though YAY. They were £8 which I think is worth it, they have little triangle cut outs allover which I really liked and the tan colour will literally go with most of my wardrobe! The necklace is also from Primark which I mentioned above, the bag I think was around £4 and the sunglasses where like £2. The jeans are from NewLook for £20 and are unbelievably comfy and come in petite sizes for extremely short people like myself!


Barry M Gelly- Greenberry 
This is my absolute favourite at the moment and I love the contrast of colours with my t-shirt, the ring is also from Primark and came in a pack of 4 for £4.

I hope you found this useful if you need any inspiration for some spring/summer looks, do you have any outfits you'd like to share?