Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summer Love...

Summer seems to be a popular season for weddings, of course every bride wants it to be sunny on their wedding day, right? (It's like raaaaiiinnn on you're wedding daaaay) First song that popped into my head!

I have been to two weddings in the last month and I have literally been so excited! Not going to lie I did shed a few tears. I haven't been to a wedding since being a little girl so it was all new to me and I felt really touched by the amount of effort that goes into that one special day. Weddings are super expensive and not just for the bride and groom! 

As any typical girl would, the first thought that entered my mind when I received the invitation was 'omg what am I going to wear'. Weddings aren't just a typical night out on the toon' kinda outfit its much more formal. I wanted to get something that would flatter my figure as a lot of the dresses I'd seen where very fitted and thick material. Neither appealed to me as it has been really hot in the UK recently and a tight thick material dress was the last thing that entered my mind! 

I opted for a sheer silk material which was loose fitting but pulled me in on the waist and most importantly comfortable! I know comfort isn't the first of may girls priorities but when your at a wedding from noon until early hours I'd say its pretty important! 

This is the outfit put together and I must admit I was extremely comfortable! The dress is from Oasis and was £30 in the sale. The shoes and clutch are from Newlook I was planning on wearing black accessories but I thought the cream/beige colour was more suitable for the weather we were having. This outfit all came in just under £100 which I was really happy about, I really didn't have much money to spare so I was happy with the outcome.

I used my Babyliss Heated Rollers for my hair and just pinned it back on one side. My housemate Lauren did my make up and did a fabulous job as it lasted all day! We used so many products I literally couldn't name them all but it varied from MAC to MUA. I don't have fake tan on either! This is my real tan all the way from Crete, it's faded so much now but I was happy to have glowing skin for the wedding! 

It was my boyfriends Uncle's wedding which we were invited to so it's only fair to have a quick snap added into this post, plus this is one of my fave pictures <3

If your invited to any wedding's and on a budget then my suggestion would be to bargain hunt, the high street stores have a lot of choice. It can be extremely stressful and you may just wanna give up but you will come across something. I wasn't even going to try this dress on because I didn't like the look of it on the hanger but I completely changed my mind once I had it on! 

Happy Shopping!

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