Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tartan Takeover

Tartan (also known as Plaid) seems to be everywhere at the moment and in all honesty I am loving it. Admittedly gone a little crazy with it...

I've seen Tartan styled with loads of different statement pieces and outfits. High end fashion magazines and designers including Vogue and Marc Jacobs (one of my favourites) have featured the trend. (I must be on the right lines if its featured in Vogue, right?) Although red is a very vibrant colour making you stand out, if you love the pattern then just go for it. I'm usually a very monochrome person but I am loving tartan at the moment and I'm pretty sure anyone can pull it off!

Tartan has always been a wintry look and the high street has something to offer to everyone, whether its a casual or smart look you are aiming for. There will be something there for you to hop onto the bandwagon!

This is my fave dress at the moment and its always a perk when you get 20% student discount! Its from Internacionale and I must admit they have become quite a popular shop of mine lately! For some reason I can't link the dress online but keep your eye out in a local store I think the dress was £20, bargain! 

I teamed the dress up with Topshop Monti boots, and my H&M bag (this also isn't online but check in store) I thought the dress was quite a statement piece so the accessories needed to be quite toned down, I think anything too bright would clash so I added a gold statement necklace, watch and midi rings.

I also bought this shirt from Newlook a while back which was also £20! I paired this with Topshop Joni jeans, Clarks ankle boots and a triple statement necklace. Another one of my fave outfits, so comfortable and can be much worn casual with a pair of converse. The shirt can be worn with almost everything so I'd consider it an 'investment'.

I've also seen Tartan print come in blue and grey! Definitely another purchase happening soon...

I can see Tartan being a very popular trend this season and I am almost certain that I will end up buying more. Possibly a coat or scarf?
Decisions decisions...

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  1. I have the black version of that tartan top , they're such a nice wearable shape lovely for smart casual evenings x