Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year, Happier Me...

I hope everyone had a fab New Year and is full of hopes for the best year yet, I know I am! I'm so happy and optimistic right now so I thought why not write a blog post and share it with everyone?! Sat with my cuppa & Yankee candles I'm quite content!
I'm a very superstitious person and I believe that 13 is an unlucky number so 2013 didn't have the best memories and happiest moments, in fact it was filled with very little of them. Totes not blaming the number 13 here but c'mon! I've had much happier times in my life but 2013 made me realise a whole lot about people and life, which I guess is part of growing up.  

There are many factors that made it such a rubbish year which I won't go into (some things are made to be shared with the world, some....not so much). It has made me a stronger person which sounds so cliche but its very true. Instead of getting upset and letting things get to me I've learnt that it really doesn't get you anywhere apart from being more upset. You'll get to a point where you have finally had enough of feeling down and you will get up and dust it right off and learn to laugh at the things that once bothered you. It took me a very long time to realise this which is one of the reasons why I was feeling so unhappy for so long. Once you learn that you can't change things that you don't control, like how other people act or if everything doesn't go to plan then it doesn't get to you as you realise that it can't be changed but you can learn to cope with it a little better.

A tip for myself for 2014 is trusting my instincts and gut feeling, if I would have done that this time last year I would have been so much happier! This year I'm feeling so much better already as I have a lot to look forward to and a lot of memories to be made! I'm going to start to say yes to a lot more things and just be more spontaneous as it really does make me a happier person, I like to be organised but not so keen on a set routine! 

Here's a couple snaps that I'm using for motivation in 2014! 

- A diary to keep me organised which actually does make my life so much easier as I'm quite forgetful! 
- I really can't wait to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles, hopefully getting something booked this year, eeekk!
- My beloved trainers for the gym, keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has really helped me and boosted my confidence as well as myself esteem!
- A cheeky selfie (why not) featuring some of the latest items to add to my wardrobe. New clothes make every girl happy (right?) so a few purchases now and then won't hurt!

I hope this post helped some of you who are feeling a little down at the moment. Just remember that what ever is happening in your life now won't be forever unless you want to keep it that way, you are the only one who can change it and when you make that change it will be worth it! Just be yourself and you will be happy :) 

Bring on 2014!