Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Can we go thrift shopping?

If you read my blog regularly you will know I always have an eye for bargains. This is a habit of mine which sometimes is quite bad as it leads to spending more money on more clothes that I apparently, somehow always need. Of course it's always want over need. 

I've posted before about a couple of things I bought from a car boot sale, but another love of mine is charity shops! I honestly love them depending on the ones you go in, they can be full of loads of amazing things whether it's for clothes or home ware. Once everything has had a wash and clean they're as good as new! 

I always find that the charity shops in little villages have the nicest things rather than the ones in the city, I'm not quite sure why but they seem to have more in the villages. Me and my boyfriend took a trip out to a little village (like tiny) in North Yorkshire called Knaresborough it has cute little tea rooms and some beautiful scenery, definitely repaying a visit there in summer! 

We went on a Sunday so it was really quite but was really relaxing and a couple of the shops were open which led me into a couple charity shops where I found the most beautiful coat which I haven't taken off since! 

It was only £12 and really reminds me of some of the beige/camel coats I've seen in Zara but its safe to say they were more than £12! I was debating whether to get it or not but for the price I can always sell it on (which I'm probably not going to do as I love it so much) or give it to my gran ha! 

I wore this outfit today to meet up with one of my best friends and my godson for lunch. So just a rather casual and very comfortable outfit. I am also loving stripes at the moment and I'm so happy the nautical look is coming back in for summer! It's the first outfit I've actually styled it up with the coat its quite over sized but I just love it, especially for the weather we are having it's still pretty chilly! 

The T-shirt is from Primark and I think it was around £4, pretty much everywhere is selling them now for around the same price. The jeans are Joni from Topshop, another fave of mine. The necklace was only £1 from New Look another bargain that I haven't stopped wearing lately! 
The boots are a dupe of Vagabond's that I only found thanks to Lily Melrose who did a dupe video on YouTube and they were only £25 from New Look! 

I have also done a little bit of research on the coat just to see if the brand still exists as it was made in the 1950's and it turns out Eastex is quite a premium brand that is still running today and the coats are anywhere from £50 to £200! I couldn't actually believe it but I'm happy that I found this little gem!

Let me know if you have visited any cute villages or found some bargains!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

More Issues Than Vogue

I hope you all had a lovely valentines whether you celebrated on the day or made a weekend of it! 

Me & my boyfriend didn't really make a big fuss of it this year, stayed in cooked together and watched some movies, plus the weather wasn't tip top and I didn't fancy getting dressed up to go out in it so I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the evening!

It's just been my birthday so I honestly had no idea what I would like and he already knew what I got him! He got me a 'More Issues Than Vogue' t shirt and some roses which I loved! I've seen so many slogan t-shirts but never really bothered buying one, I must say it was quite funny and I love it! 

You can literally find anything on Instagram so I searched the hashtag and they are more popular than I thought, then I got some fashion inspiration for today's outfit...

Cardigan - H&M
T Shirt - eBay 
Disco Pants - Miss Guided 
Boots - New Look 

I meeting up with Liam for dinner at some Sushi/Chinese place. Not something that would usually be on my first list of places to eat but hey ho! Then we are off to view some apartments which I'm so excited about! Time to start trying new things and have a change :) 

I opted for a casual outfit as the weather is pretty rubbish and I'm feeling a cosy day, don't think it looks to shabby to say I threw it together within a couple minutes!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Primark's little gems.

I know Primark isn't everyone's cup of tea but I honestly love the place and I think it has become quite popular with more people recently. Admittedly I sometimes think it is very hit and miss with its stock but sometimes I just find a little gem! Lately I have noticed they have some lovely things in ready for SS14 a lot of pretty pastel things.

Sometimes the quality isn't great, I've tried and tested a couple things myself but when you pay £1 for flip flops or sunglasses you can't really moan? I think a lot of people know that Primark isn't fab for quality but you get what you are paying for. 

I am really excited for summer and just for the weather to perk up and stop being so miserable, it really does put a downer on my days! So when I found a pastel crop fluffy jumper I thought it was the perfect item to brighten up my wardrobe and remind me that summer isn't so far away. (At least I hope, it is England after all). 

The jumper was £10 and I was a little cautious about it as it's fluffy. I previously bought a cardigan that was fluffy and it didn't wash well but this has washed fine and gone back to feeling lovely and soft. The jeans are Joni from Topshop one of the comfiest pair of jeans I have ever had, I highly recommend them! The necklace was also from Primark for just £2! 

This is more of an everyday causal outfit but I have worn the jumper and dressed it up a little. I wore this outfit when my boyfriend took me out for the day and we had a lovely lunch at Lakeside Cafe.

The skirt is quite old from Internacionale and the boots are the Topshop All Sorts. 

I very rarely have my hair straight these days as I am obsessed with my Mark Hill curling wand, its so easy to use and literally takes me 10 minutes and the curls/waves stay in all day! I will do a review on them soon as I finally got my own for my birthday! 

My hair is pretty long and I have struggled to find a wand that actually curls my hair properly, I love how easy it is to use and the end result lasts all day! 

Let me know if any of you have found any gems in Primark lately! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

You're not nineteen forever, pull yourself together...

When I was thinking about my 20th Birthday - The Courteeners Not Nineteen Forever was the first thing that popped into my mind so it seems like a pretty fitting title for this post. 

I turned 20 a couple weeks ago and it still hasn't hit me that I'm no longer a teen! I have soon discovered that when you are younger you want to be older and when you are older you want to be young again. Just can't win can you? 

If you read my previous post you will know that I have been down in Manchester for the past couple of weeks and I spent my birthday down there. It was on a Monday so family, friends and my boyfriend couldn't come down and I was working. (What a rubbish day for a birthday to fall on?) The girls from the company I was working for took me out for dinner in the evening at a lovely restaurant in Spinningfields on my actual birthday and I celebrated it properly the weekend before and the weekend after so there was a lot of celebrating going on! 

I must admit I was very spoilt for my birthday this year and very grateful! My boyfriend also took me to Hard Rock Cafe for the first time and the food was amazing, very VERY big portions but it was all American style which I loved! We also went to see Wolf of Wall Street to see what the hype was about and in all honestly I get why everyone was raving about it! If you haven't seen it I would 100% recommend it! (If your over 18 that is) 

I then spent a day at the Trafford Centre with my family and visited Forever 21 which is a must as they don't have this store in Leeds, bad times. I surprisingly didn't buy much which is a first! The weekend after my best friends came down and we went out for drinks which was fun for all of us as we'd never had a night out in Manchester before!

I took a couple of snaps from over the weekend... 

The highlight of my birthday was finally getting my camera! I have had my eye on this baby for a while, the Canon 600D. I am so so happy I finally saved enough money to get it as I think the quality of  my photos is quite important and they will look much prettier on my blog :) 

I'm still learning about all the different settings and modes on my camera so bare with me if the first couple images aren't great! If anyone has the same camera I would be happy for a little guidance, I'm watching YouTube videos to learn about it and reading the manual book but some of it goes over my head completely! So yeah I am much more motivated to blog and maybe do another YouTube video.

Speaking of YouTube I have added a link to my previous post as they have put a video together for the event, it's worth a look! :) 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Long time, no blog?

Again sincere apologies for not blogging often enough these past couple of weeks! But I have been super busy, I know it's not an excuse but I have literally been rushed off my feet but in a good way as I'm about to explain below...

I've mentioned before on my blog that I am doing Media (BA) as a degree which can lead to many career opportunities when I graduate. I'm quite an indecisive person so options and choice are a thing I like to see ahead of me! My uni like us to take out a 6 week placement as part of our second year and you can choose any kind of company or organisation you like. I think I want to go down a PR fashion/events path as I've always loved shopping and playing around with outfit ideas, if I'm honest it's always been a hobby of mine but I would like to make a career out of it if possible. 

I was just trolling the internet one night and looking at PR companies with a Fashion element and sent out my CV & Covering Letter and luckily I got a reply from one of the companies which was based in Manchester. I'm from Leeds and very much a home girl but I fancied a change and being a little more independent never hurt anyone! 

So a couple months later I was moving down to Manchester for a month to work and live there on my own. First thoughts... OMG I have no idea where I am, I know no one down here and I am completely on my own. On second thoughts, I can do this! I could have easily panicked and cried but it would have got me nowhere, instead I embraced the independence and I honestly did feel a great sense of achievement for pushing myself to do it, and it was possibly the best decision I have made in my life so far. 

Working at Indigo (the PR company) gave me so many opportunities I believe I wouldn't have been offered if I was working at a larger company. It was scary being given a great deal of responsibility but at the same time I loved it! 

The company are working with a brand called KiK e-cigarettes and I was lucky enough to help them with the lead up to the launch event as well as attending the event itself. Before the event I went to my first ever photo-shoot which was pretty cool. I got to have a play around with the outfits, day and night looks for the models and got to see them work their magic with the camera. It was all very exciting and everyone on set was lovely and helped me feel involved! Here's a couple snaps..

The event itself was the longest, tiring, most exciting and fun thing I have ever done. It's not everyday you are interviewing journalists, chatting with Ben Collins the original Stig, vox popping, doing photo calls with Helen Flanagan and being at a party with Peaches Geldof. It was pretty surreal and overwhelming if I'm honest! But I had Gemma & Helen (the Director's) to guide me throughout the day and they are such lovely ladies I honestly could not have asked for a better internship! Here is a couple more snaps throughout the day... 

So, that it was the past couple weeks have been like, very fun, very tiring but in all honesty the best experience I've ever had. I have learned so much from working at Indigo I know that it will help me with my future career, whatever that may be! 

Living in Manchester on my own was at first very daunting but after a while, I guess like anyone you get used to it and then I loved it. I know one thing for sure, shopping in Manchester is so much better than Leeds it double the size and has a Selfridges! One thing I am definitely going to miss! 

I promise to blog more as I have a little more time on my hands and have so many posts I need to do and share with you all! I hope you are all enjoying your placements or just uni/college in general.

 If there is one thing I have learned from this experience it is to push myself and not be scared but embrace the opportunities and responsibility that is given to you!

Click here to view the event video!