Saturday, 8 February 2014

Long time, no blog?

Again sincere apologies for not blogging often enough these past couple of weeks! But I have been super busy, I know it's not an excuse but I have literally been rushed off my feet but in a good way as I'm about to explain below...

I've mentioned before on my blog that I am doing Media (BA) as a degree which can lead to many career opportunities when I graduate. I'm quite an indecisive person so options and choice are a thing I like to see ahead of me! My uni like us to take out a 6 week placement as part of our second year and you can choose any kind of company or organisation you like. I think I want to go down a PR fashion/events path as I've always loved shopping and playing around with outfit ideas, if I'm honest it's always been a hobby of mine but I would like to make a career out of it if possible. 

I was just trolling the internet one night and looking at PR companies with a Fashion element and sent out my CV & Covering Letter and luckily I got a reply from one of the companies which was based in Manchester. I'm from Leeds and very much a home girl but I fancied a change and being a little more independent never hurt anyone! 

So a couple months later I was moving down to Manchester for a month to work and live there on my own. First thoughts... OMG I have no idea where I am, I know no one down here and I am completely on my own. On second thoughts, I can do this! I could have easily panicked and cried but it would have got me nowhere, instead I embraced the independence and I honestly did feel a great sense of achievement for pushing myself to do it, and it was possibly the best decision I have made in my life so far. 

Working at Indigo (the PR company) gave me so many opportunities I believe I wouldn't have been offered if I was working at a larger company. It was scary being given a great deal of responsibility but at the same time I loved it! 

The company are working with a brand called KiK e-cigarettes and I was lucky enough to help them with the lead up to the launch event as well as attending the event itself. Before the event I went to my first ever photo-shoot which was pretty cool. I got to have a play around with the outfits, day and night looks for the models and got to see them work their magic with the camera. It was all very exciting and everyone on set was lovely and helped me feel involved! Here's a couple snaps..

The event itself was the longest, tiring, most exciting and fun thing I have ever done. It's not everyday you are interviewing journalists, chatting with Ben Collins the original Stig, vox popping, doing photo calls with Helen Flanagan and being at a party with Peaches Geldof. It was pretty surreal and overwhelming if I'm honest! But I had Gemma & Helen (the Director's) to guide me throughout the day and they are such lovely ladies I honestly could not have asked for a better internship! Here is a couple more snaps throughout the day... 

So, that it was the past couple weeks have been like, very fun, very tiring but in all honesty the best experience I've ever had. I have learned so much from working at Indigo I know that it will help me with my future career, whatever that may be! 

Living in Manchester on my own was at first very daunting but after a while, I guess like anyone you get used to it and then I loved it. I know one thing for sure, shopping in Manchester is so much better than Leeds it double the size and has a Selfridges! One thing I am definitely going to miss! 

I promise to blog more as I have a little more time on my hands and have so many posts I need to do and share with you all! I hope you are all enjoying your placements or just uni/college in general.

 If there is one thing I have learned from this experience it is to push myself and not be scared but embrace the opportunities and responsibility that is given to you!

Click here to view the event video! 


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