Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Clark's Skate Shoes?

Lately its been work, work, work then uni work and filming! Rather stressful but I can't complain as I'm constantly busy which I think is the best way to be, for now anywho.

With it being the Easter break I have had uni work to do but this is the time when I tend to work more and ask for a few extra hours at work so I can earn a little more money, all this shopping I have a tendency to do doesn't pay for itself. (Although I wish it did)

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I have been posting a couple images with the hashtag 'clarksstyle' for a lifestyle shoot myself and other members of the style team at work have done. It was really fun and also gave me chance to play around with my new camera. If you haven't seen it then its worth a look, the girls look fab in this seasons new shoes. We're hopefully doing another one soon and I'm hoping to do a blog post on.

Being part of the style team is pretty cool, especially considering I can now wear my own clothes. Something which I'm not sure is a good thing for me as it just gives me an excuse to shop for new clothes on a weekly basis and lets be honest I don't need much encouragement.

The latest shoes that I've added to my collection, if I'm completely honest with you I was shocked that Clark's even stock them! Ready for it? A skater shoe, yep you read it right a flat pump almost Vans looking is now in Clark's stores! Everyone seems to be under the impression that Clarks is aimed at older people, but if you haven't been into your local store lately then I would highly suggest you do, I can think of at least 10 pairs I would love to have right now!

I wasn't so sure about them at first because I usually opt for a more simple shoe, actually something quite plain and boring but these I just loved so thought I'd buy them and see what I could style them up with. 

Skate shoes are quite popular for spring/summer this year and I've seen a couple made by high end designers and they have style them up with almost everything. This picture was the first time I wore them and like most I opted for a more casual look with a slogan T, denim shirt and skinnies. 

Mom jeans are my absolute fave item of clothing at the moment they literally go with anything whether its casual or dressy. Teamed with a crop top, statement necklace and skate shoes I don't think you can go wrong. I wore this outfit to work and then went out for food and drinks after, usually I think I would feel under dressed but I've seen skate shoes teamed with all sorts, I think its kind of whatever goes these days! 

I can't wait to style them up with something a little more dressy for outside of work. The shoes are called Glove Puppet and they're only £39.99 you can view them by clicking here, they also come in two other colours if the leopard print isn't something your keen on.

I'm sure there will be more outfits coming soon so keep posted or take a look at my Instagram I'm always posting on there! 

Let me know how any of you have styled skate shoes!

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