Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A week in outfits...

Today's post is a 'week in outfits'. I've been doing a variety of things last week so all the outfits differ according to what I was doing. I've mentioned it before but I don't think I have  a unique style I just wear things that I am inspired by! I am hands down a 'planner'. I have to plan outfits the night before usually to prevent a complete meltdown in the morning which usually makes me late! So, to save my self the stress and frustration I find it much easier to organise myself the night before. 

Here's my week in outfits...


This was a very happy day for me I got my second year results back and passed with an annoyingly high 2:1 which I am very proud of. I must admit the work load was much harder and I didn't have much confidence so I was very surprised at my mark! To celebrate my boyfriend took me out for the day. If one thing makes me happy its shopping and a trip to Meadowhall was on the cards, wuhoo! Thought I would keep it casual with some skinnies and sandals (both Primark) and my Zara basic top and bubble bag. Also featuring my beloved fedora hat that I have posted about previously! (Caution it's featured a lot in these outfits!)


Another very basic outfit and sorry to disappoint but I don't wear much colour even in the summer months! I wore this outfit just doing day to day jobs it was extremely hot and wearing MOM jeans was definitely a poor decision ha! 

90's Croptop from Miss Selfridge
MOM Jeans from Topshop
Gladiator Sandals from Primark 
Sunnies from Carboot Sale


Finally some colour, feeling some sixties/ hippy vibes! I love looks like this in fact anything that was in fashion in the sixties I adore! This little beauty of a dress was only £5 from Primark! The bag is vintage as are the necklaces. The sandals are also from Primark bought last year. 

I went out shopping to Manchester and it was a lovely day, quite spontaneous which is always nice! I will always have a love for the city of Manchester, it was the first time I had ever moved and lived completely independently so exploring was fun and it was even nicer in the glorious sunshine!


I actually wore this outfit for a spot of shopping before work. We've been getting amazing weather in England at the moment so I tried to opt for something a little more summery again is had something black (of course). The crop top is from Zara, skirt and bag is from H&M the shoes are from Urban Outfitters and the sunnies are from Primark.


I wore this to go out for some drinks with one of my best friends it was during the day so I tried to not look too dressy. The dress is from Zara and is one of the most comfortable dresses I own it's quite loose and almost skater like. The hat and gladiators are from Primark and the bag is from H&M. If you haven't visited the Botanist in Leeds then I would highly recommend it!


Again I opted for a casual look, I wore this to go out for drinks with my family for a charity event. It was a lovely night and I probably had way too much wine!
Joni Jeans from Topshop, Zara top same as above, strappy heals from Primark and statement necklace from Jane Norman.


And finally, feeling a little worse for wear and getting ready at half three in the afternoon I opted for this causal yet colourful outfit. Shirt, bag and hat are all from Primark, shoes are from Urban Outfitters and the jeans are Topshop Joni.

So, that is my week in outfits I hope you found this useful! I love reading blogs about outfit posts so thought I would so something similar myself as I'm always posting my OOTD on Instagram!


Friday, 18 July 2014

Avion en Papier...

Today's post is about a little gem I spotted at a carboot sale. I was actually there to sell some of my own things, as it has just become apparent to me that I am in fact a hoarder of clothes. (It's really out of hand the amount of things I have, oopps). Anywho I couldn't help but wonder when there was a bit of a lull, but I am so very glad that I did.

For a couple months now I've been looking for a crisp white shirt, quite over sized but had no luck. They either fitted really weird around the collar or just didn't feel comfortable. Then I found this...

The woman selling it could tell I had my eye on it and started making general chit chat. She said that she originally paid £50 possibly more for it from the Topshop on Oxford Street. Apparently it was a rare piece that Topshop were selling at the time. Then my jaw literally dropped to the ground when she said I could have it for two whole British pounds. Yep it was simple, deal. 

Admittedly I have googled it to see if they still sell it or if anyone else has the same one (I'm sure many do) but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. I only found other items of clothing that Avion en Papier were selling. I'm not too fussed about the price I was just curious. For a shirt with such cute pastel detailing it is worth £2 all day long!

Then I spotted these...

Round. Gold. Leopard Print. Cat flick (sorta) I had to have them! Fifty pence is all she asked for them. 50p! I have no idea where they originally came from but I am not complaining! She had loads of lovely things I could have easily bought more but the whole purpose of me being at this car boot was to earn some money not spend it! Typical of me really. The urge to resist was very difficult! But I was happy with my £2.50 bargains!

I've already worn the shirt out and it is so comfortable! I paired it up with some light wash jeans, gladiator sandals and my pastel blue envelop bag. (All from Primark). Really simple easy outfit which I loved wearing. It is a little summery but I'm hoping that it will still look ok teamed with a pastel jumper in the winter months. 

I don't know if many of you have a car boot sale close by but if you are ever near one it's really worth a look!


Monday, 14 July 2014

Fedora Hats, Let's take it back to basics.

First impressions on wearing hats from being about 16 was 'no way I don't suit them and feel stupid wearing them!' I have no idea why and it's safe to say that my opinion on them has changed! I love that people have a very distinct fashion style and sometimes I wish I could be like that but I literally wouldn't know what to call my 'distinct style' I'm open to anything and I love all the weird and wonderful trends that come and go throughout the year. 

One of them at the moment is the Fedora hats that seem to be quite popular, I've seen loads of people wearing them with very different styles and I honestly think that anyone can pull them off, if you see one in the shops at least give it a try (you never know, I didn't until I tried mine on). I've seen a couple around the high street but when you spot it in Primark for £8 you won't feel like your breaking the bank as much, right?

Mid- season sale's (my downfall during the summer months) last year it was a floral craze and this year it is the complete opposite. I've completely gone back to basics and I'm putting it down to the monochrome trend that I was obsessed with in the winter months. The Zara sale was inevitable (as always and even harder to resist when you have very persuasive friends to lure you in).  Zara is the best place for basics and simple one piece's that somehow look fab even though the are as plain and basic as you could get! H&M is another favourite of mine for the basics section and its super cheap and the quality is just as good. 

Couple of snaps of the outfits I've been wearing over the past week or so... 

Hat -£8 Primark 
Top - £8 Zara Sale 
Disco Pants - £7 RiverIsland Sale
Leopard Slip On's - £19.99 Clarks Sale
Tassel Bag - Old 

Hamsa Choker - eBay
Top - £7 Dorothy Perkins Sale
Skirt - £6 H&M
Bag - £25 H&M
Brogues - £55 Clarks

I hope this post has been useful for those of you that aren't so confident wearing hats, sounds strange but you do feel a little odd in it to begin with because you've never worn one before, I promise you'll love it after a week!

I am loving the basics at the moment and think I will continue to do so for a while! Any shops that any of you recommend for some simple basic pieces?


Friday, 11 July 2014

To New Beginnings...

I'm finally back on my blogging game. I know I've said this way more than once but this time I mean it, I promise! 

Thinking about it now and writing this blog post, it has seriously been a long time coming and that is for a BIG change! It's something I know I have needed to do for a while now but sometimes life doesn't always work out the way you want it and exactly when you want it. Patience is key something that I'm not very good with, I get impatient just waiting for the kettle to boil or my toast to pop up on a morning! (Terrible, I know) However, I have learned that having a little patience can eventually lead you a long way and bring you right where you want to be. 

I'm not going to go into detail about all the rubbish that has been thrown my way this past year or some of the unfortunate encounters I've had with some people, because it was just that, a rubbish point in life. I'm sure everyone experiences this at some point in their life its just learning how to deal with it and realising how strong you actually are. I've even surprised myself these past few months and I am quite proud to have grown stronger as a person and learned to surround myself with positivity even when people tried to bring me down. Unfortunately some people are only happy if they are making others unhappy, to be genuinely happy you need to remove the negativity from your life and surround yourself with things that make you happy. 

So, with that being said I'm moving on in life and I'm much more happier than I have ever been! I've finally moved into a beautiful house with my boyfriend in the cutest little village and I now feel ready to blog, properly! None of this here there and everywhere blogging I've made a promise to myself to blog much more and I now have the environment to feel comfortable enough to do so. It may sound silly but I was just not in the right mind frame to blog a couple months ago as I had so much going on and now I finally feel relaxed and confident to blog more. 

I have everything I could ever want and need right now so there are no more excuses! I'm going to give my blog a little make over and have the images at a much better quality, I have my beloved camera that really needs to be used more! I want to have a more fashion and style angle to my blog so I will be blogging about outfits of the day and hauls regularly! 

I enjoy blogging and I don't really know why I don't do it regularly, just silly not to do something that makes you happy!

Keep posted!