Friday, 18 July 2014

Avion en Papier...

Today's post is about a little gem I spotted at a carboot sale. I was actually there to sell some of my own things, as it has just become apparent to me that I am in fact a hoarder of clothes. (It's really out of hand the amount of things I have, oopps). Anywho I couldn't help but wonder when there was a bit of a lull, but I am so very glad that I did.

For a couple months now I've been looking for a crisp white shirt, quite over sized but had no luck. They either fitted really weird around the collar or just didn't feel comfortable. Then I found this...

The woman selling it could tell I had my eye on it and started making general chit chat. She said that she originally paid £50 possibly more for it from the Topshop on Oxford Street. Apparently it was a rare piece that Topshop were selling at the time. Then my jaw literally dropped to the ground when she said I could have it for two whole British pounds. Yep it was simple, deal. 

Admittedly I have googled it to see if they still sell it or if anyone else has the same one (I'm sure many do) but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. I only found other items of clothing that Avion en Papier were selling. I'm not too fussed about the price I was just curious. For a shirt with such cute pastel detailing it is worth £2 all day long!

Then I spotted these...

Round. Gold. Leopard Print. Cat flick (sorta) I had to have them! Fifty pence is all she asked for them. 50p! I have no idea where they originally came from but I am not complaining! She had loads of lovely things I could have easily bought more but the whole purpose of me being at this car boot was to earn some money not spend it! Typical of me really. The urge to resist was very difficult! But I was happy with my £2.50 bargains!

I've already worn the shirt out and it is so comfortable! I paired it up with some light wash jeans, gladiator sandals and my pastel blue envelop bag. (All from Primark). Really simple easy outfit which I loved wearing. It is a little summery but I'm hoping that it will still look ok teamed with a pastel jumper in the winter months. 

I don't know if many of you have a car boot sale close by but if you are ever near one it's really worth a look!


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