Monday, 14 July 2014

Fedora Hats, Let's take it back to basics.

First impressions on wearing hats from being about 16 was 'no way I don't suit them and feel stupid wearing them!' I have no idea why and it's safe to say that my opinion on them has changed! I love that people have a very distinct fashion style and sometimes I wish I could be like that but I literally wouldn't know what to call my 'distinct style' I'm open to anything and I love all the weird and wonderful trends that come and go throughout the year. 

One of them at the moment is the Fedora hats that seem to be quite popular, I've seen loads of people wearing them with very different styles and I honestly think that anyone can pull them off, if you see one in the shops at least give it a try (you never know, I didn't until I tried mine on). I've seen a couple around the high street but when you spot it in Primark for £8 you won't feel like your breaking the bank as much, right?

Mid- season sale's (my downfall during the summer months) last year it was a floral craze and this year it is the complete opposite. I've completely gone back to basics and I'm putting it down to the monochrome trend that I was obsessed with in the winter months. The Zara sale was inevitable (as always and even harder to resist when you have very persuasive friends to lure you in).  Zara is the best place for basics and simple one piece's that somehow look fab even though the are as plain and basic as you could get! H&M is another favourite of mine for the basics section and its super cheap and the quality is just as good. 

Couple of snaps of the outfits I've been wearing over the past week or so... 

Hat -£8 Primark 
Top - £8 Zara Sale 
Disco Pants - £7 RiverIsland Sale
Leopard Slip On's - £19.99 Clarks Sale
Tassel Bag - Old 

Hamsa Choker - eBay
Top - £7 Dorothy Perkins Sale
Skirt - £6 H&M
Bag - £25 H&M
Brogues - £55 Clarks

I hope this post has been useful for those of you that aren't so confident wearing hats, sounds strange but you do feel a little odd in it to begin with because you've never worn one before, I promise you'll love it after a week!

I am loving the basics at the moment and think I will continue to do so for a while! Any shops that any of you recommend for some simple basic pieces?


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