Friday, 11 July 2014

To New Beginnings...

I'm finally back on my blogging game. I know I've said this way more than once but this time I mean it, I promise! 

Thinking about it now and writing this blog post, it has seriously been a long time coming and that is for a BIG change! It's something I know I have needed to do for a while now but sometimes life doesn't always work out the way you want it and exactly when you want it. Patience is key something that I'm not very good with, I get impatient just waiting for the kettle to boil or my toast to pop up on a morning! (Terrible, I know) However, I have learned that having a little patience can eventually lead you a long way and bring you right where you want to be. 

I'm not going to go into detail about all the rubbish that has been thrown my way this past year or some of the unfortunate encounters I've had with some people, because it was just that, a rubbish point in life. I'm sure everyone experiences this at some point in their life its just learning how to deal with it and realising how strong you actually are. I've even surprised myself these past few months and I am quite proud to have grown stronger as a person and learned to surround myself with positivity even when people tried to bring me down. Unfortunately some people are only happy if they are making others unhappy, to be genuinely happy you need to remove the negativity from your life and surround yourself with things that make you happy. 

So, with that being said I'm moving on in life and I'm much more happier than I have ever been! I've finally moved into a beautiful house with my boyfriend in the cutest little village and I now feel ready to blog, properly! None of this here there and everywhere blogging I've made a promise to myself to blog much more and I now have the environment to feel comfortable enough to do so. It may sound silly but I was just not in the right mind frame to blog a couple months ago as I had so much going on and now I finally feel relaxed and confident to blog more. 

I have everything I could ever want and need right now so there are no more excuses! I'm going to give my blog a little make over and have the images at a much better quality, I have my beloved camera that really needs to be used more! I want to have a more fashion and style angle to my blog so I will be blogging about outfits of the day and hauls regularly! 

I enjoy blogging and I don't really know why I don't do it regularly, just silly not to do something that makes you happy!

Keep posted!


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