Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wasabi & Nose Piercings!

Today's post is a little different and rather random to be honest with you! When I have the odd day off I like to do things, go out and explore! I hate sitting in unless I'm really exhausted or ill as I have a tendency to get bored very easily! 

When I usually think of places to go it's never really in my hometown I always think another city or place I've never been before. For some reason my boyfriend suggested we go to Leeds for some lunch and shopping and this is when I discovered Wasabi! I've only recently got into sushi and oriental foods but this place was AMAZING!

I can not remember the name of the dish I got but it was salmon, avocado and cucumber with some edamame beans, it was sooo good! I also tried Wasabi sauce for the first time and it was far to spicy for my liking!

Clearly loving life here trying my first ever bubble tea! I got the coffee based one which was good apart from the jelly bits, they unfortunately didn't agree with me :( Definitely trying s fruity one next time! Wasabi is new in Leeds and there are 2 now one in the Trinity and one just outside it if your into Oriental foods then I would 100% recommend it!

The corn exchange has been in Leeds since I can remember! When I was younger I don't think I ever went in and I couldn't even tell you what was in there! It has had a complete revamp and this is how pretty it looks...

It is full of cutesy little shops that sell one off vintage pieces and there is loads of thrift shops as well as a coffee shop that is in the centre. It is very hard to describe but it just has a really nice atmosphere in there, all the people who own the shops are really friendly, I think I found it a nice change to the hustle and bustle of the main shopping areas of Leeds. 

Then I came across this shop...

I am such a whimp when it comes to piercings I only got my ears pierced when I was 15 and then my helix piercing when I was 16 and that was about as exciting as it got.  I love tattoos but I don't think I could ever bring myself to get one I am way too indecisive ha! 

 I found myself in Reds piercings contemplating getting my nose pierced. I don't exactly know how but after much anticipation and finger biting I manned up and just went for it! Just to make you aware it is something I've been contemplating for a while I just didn't expect to get it done on the day, being spontaneous was rather fun! 

I was in and out in less than 5 minutes with no nose bleed or tears and a new nose stud! I can honestly say it didn't hurt some people have different pain tolerances but I coped surprisingly well! And look how cute the place was, I must admit it was definitely more appealing to get it done in Reds than some of the other piercing places in Leeds!

An obligatory selfie of my piercing, I do really love it but I know it will take some getting used to! 

Again, this is a very random post but I was quite surprised myself to discover new places in Leeds that are worth a visit, just when I thought I had explored everything as well! 

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