Friday, 1 April 2016

When in Rome...

I am finally back to blogging! I haven't blogged in over a year and to be honest with you I have no idea why because I love it. I think I forgot how much of a positive distraction it is away from everyday life so you can expect to see more regular posts from me! - Side note: I am working on the layout of my blog so you may also see a couple of changes.

I wanted to mix up my blog a little and add some fashion, lifestyle and travel posts as these are  the type of blogs I enjoy reading. At the start of the year I was taken to Rome for my 22nd Birthday -which was amazing! Of course I snapped loads of photos over there but I've chosen as select few which are my faves...

The Vatican 

Cute coffee shops

The Palatine - My favourite view!

My best one <3

The Colosseum

View from the Spanish Steps

If you are thinking of travelling to Rome I would highly recommend it. Its a fab city break with lots of culture and so many things to see and do, it is impossible to be bored! My main tips would be comfortable shoes, hence the trainers! You can opt to use public transport but you miss all the best views and you get to experience real Italian culture. The food....the coffee? Seriously THE best I have ever had, I would go back purely for those reasons alone! 

Let me know if you have visited Rome or are planning to!

Love Casey